Innovation Projects:

OLPC, One Laptop Per Child

iPressl bought 30 OLPC Laptops (15 for Austria and 15 for the 3rd World) and is waiting for your idea, what to do with them in Austria!

Let us know about your ideas! Contact

More info at: iPressl and OLPC

Redwired Ideas

iPressl forms a social network for idea generation and idea implementation for Austria



iPressl creates, together with the local students, a space for talents in the Bundesschulzentrum Wolfsberg.

Winter 2008/09: FAME ist die beste Idee beim Lavanttaler Ideenwettbewerb

Sommer 2009: FAME Flagge auf der Redwired Stadionbad Bühne in Wolfsberg, unter der Choreografie des Wolfsberger Musiker Netzwerkes Wolfsberg Studios

Frühling 2010: FAME im Bundesschulzentrum in Wolfsberg